Is the shampoo REALLY brown?

Is the shampoo REALLY brown?

I was recently at a vendor night at a local tack shop, and got into a conversation with a customer. When I mentioned that the Rosemary Radiance Shampoo is brown, she did a double take. “Why? Isn’t that a little odd?” she asked.

Perhaps - but only because we’ve been trained by the Proctor & Gambles of the world, that our grooming products should look a certain way.

And, so I’d like to introduce you to the true “workhorse” of my product line, I’ll tell you WHY it isn’t white and creamy like its conventional counterpart.

…for good reason. It contains an effective botanical extract from the Soap Nut…which isn’t actually a nut, but the the dried husk of a fruit from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, commonly found in India and Nepal.

But why do I use it?

For its incredible cleansing properties that are also kind to sensitive skin! It has been used as a mild detergent for centuries.

The skin of the fruit, or berry, contains a substance called Saponin, which is 100% biodegradable, and creates a mild soaping effect, pulling dirt and grime away from the skin, but doesn’t strip it of the natural lipids that keep the skin moisturized. When I say mild, I mean that my shampoo is not going to suds up excessively like conventional shampoos, but I promise it’s working!

This also means your dog or horse’s coat is cleansed, but not dried out. A very important characteristic for my dog Kingston, in particular, who suffers from dry skin.

Kingston has notoriously dry skin and living in Colorado’s dry climate, it has to be managed. He is, in fact, the reason I started making grooming supplies in the first place…

On July 27, 2017, we adopted Kingston. Within a week of coming home, he had scratched big sores down his spine. The vet had us put him in a human baby onesie, and we started testing for allergies, tested his food, you name it, we did it. After all was said and done, it turned out it was predominantly an external problem, his skin was just excessively dry!

Enter the predecessor to the Rosemary Radiance shampoo. I was very quickly able to treat the sores and moisturize his skin. The problem resolved itself within a matter of days, and I was off and running on other ways to keep the problem at bay. Next came the CocoCoat Conditioning Spray, and between them, I was able to not only treat the existing condition but eradicate it. Now, he is bathed once a month, and sprayed daily with CocoCoat, and while he still gets the occasional itch, like all dogs, Kingston now has a beautiful glowing coat and is comfortable and happy.

But the true beauty of this product is its versatility. Because of its mild cleansing, stain lifting, and intense moisturizing properties, its great on people and horses too - and no, it won’t turn your horse’s chrome brown.

Want to try it for yourself? Simply send me a message, and ask for a sample with your next order!
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