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That Tail Crap - Conditioning Spray

That Tail Crap - Conditioning Spray

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This spray conditioner hydrates, supports healthy hair growth and a glowing, natural shine. Its aromatherapy properties encourage mental stimulation, giving you and your horse a smarter edge (just don’t expect miracles!).

Note, this is the same formula as the CocoCoat Original spray, just with a little more sass.

This non-greasy formula is safe for horses and canines alike, and is made with 100% natural ingredients - all in 32 fl. oz. of sass-tastic goodness.

Ingredients: Water, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Apricot Oil, Jojoba oil, Castor Oil, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Leucidal Liquid SF, AMTicide Coconut & Essential Oils

Note, you have the option of ordering it Mixed or Unmixed. Mixed means that it is shipped (at slightly more shipping expense) with water included with the concentrate, and is ready to spray. Unmixed is the concentrate only in the bottle, and the clock on the shelf-life doesn’t start until you add water. The latter option also costs less to ship.

The bottle used is heavy-duty with a long-lasting trigger sprayer - we recommend you keep the bottle and purchase concentrate in bulk to refill it with. Save some money, and decrease your impact on the planet! 

Additional benefits: 

  • Can be applied saddle area: does not contain the slippery (and residue-forming) silicone
  • Will encourage a healthier, fuller, more moisturized coat and tail with daily use
  • Ingredients have anti-itch properties
  • Deodorizer - does your dog smell? This will help!
  • Helps control static charge during blanketing season!

    Final Notes: 

    • We do use a preservative, two, in fact, BUT they are effectively probiotics that inhibit the growth of fungus, molds, and microbes, and as an added benefit are known to increase moisture levels on the skin surface. One is a natural blend that occurs by fermenting coconut with Lactobacillus. It is effective at preventing the growth of fungus, specifically yeast and mold. This is called AMTicide Coconut. The other is Leucidal® Liquid SF a probiotic-based ingredient created by the fermentation of Lactobacillus in a defined growth medium. Both are Non-GMO, Vegan Compliant, and not tested on animals. More on these ingredients here:
        • For longest shelf-life fill your bottle with distilled water, or boil water and let it cool before you add. Tap water is fine too, but will shorten the shelf life, though the natural preservative does maximize life.
        • Because it is water-based it will freeze. In winter, most of my clients keep theirs in a barn bag that goes back and forth from home.
        • Ingredients have been sourced to abide by the banned substance list for USEF and FEI.
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